There are 3 qualities
that distinguish us from competitors

1. We have vast experience

Gadget Fix Up, LLC. was formed in 2018 to brand and better represent what we do. 20 years ago when Discount Computer Warehouse was formed, our repair focus was on desktop and laptop computers.

We built our business on being a low-price computer reseller, thus the word “Discount” in our name. We operated out of a warehouse, thus the word, “warehouse”. That name accurately represented our business for 20 years.  During the time we were Discount Computer Warehouse we sold more than 100,000 computers, mostly by participation at Nationwide Trade Shows.  We traveled all 48 States in the Continental U.S. with Sale of the $entury, the 10 Million Dollar Sale and several other retail consumer shows selling 100’s of Brand name and custom built computers every weekend.  Discount Computer custom built more than 30,000 computers for customers at these Trade Shows.  We’ve custom built more than 5,000 computers for our local customers in LaPorte County over the last 20 years.

Today we work mostly as a repair facility and while we still sell computers and laptops at discount pricing, the majority of our work is fixing electronics, i.e. gadgets. While we still fix computers and laptops we also repair phones, tablets, smart watches, stereos and almost anything electronic. Our old business name no longer reflected the full scope of what we do so we changed our name to more accurately reflect our business. If you have an electronic device that needs repaired, we’re here for you. The oldest and most experienced electronic repair facility in LaPorte County, still offering professional repairs, fair pricing and a fast turnaround you’ve come to expect from us.

2. Certified specialists

All our technicians are proficient in repairs with a minimum of a CompTIA A+ proficiency rating.

Fixing your device correctly the first time is our goal.  No company has a more rigorous training and certification process, and our team is able to fix electronic issues that are not even found by many repair technicians. That’s why we’re comfortable offering a 90-day warranty and price guarantee – we stand behind every repair. Whether we’re fixing your iPhone, Samsung, PC or Mac, we will make it work like it’s brand new.  Our technicians take great pride in their work and it shows.  They’re here for you.

Our Senior Technician is the owner of the business.  He is well-respected in LaPorte County as the authority on device repair.  He personally supports many repair shops in LaPorte County through text and Facebook messenger.  In return, many shops send repairs to us that they’re uncomfortable doing themselves.  Our shop works with practically every professional repair shop in LaPorte County for the benefit of all customers, even customers that aren’t ours.  We know when we make other shops look good, consumer confidence in 3rd party repair rises and we all benefit.

3. We repair all popular brands

We service and repair all brands of computers, laptops, tablets, phones and televisions

Gadget Fix Up LLC repairs all brands of major electronic devices.  At any given time our shop has Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba and Apple (Mac) computers in our repair queue.  We typically have Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets also in for repair.  Oftentimes these different brands share common problems like broken screens, broken charging ports, overheating and virus infections.  No brand is immune to these problems.

Besides computer, laptop and tablet repair we also repair cell phones.  We specialize in repairing iPhone and Samsung smartphones but service most other brands as well.  We also repair iPods, replacing screens, batteries and jacks on these small devices.  Our newest service offering is stereo repair after several requests from our customers.  Vintage stereos have a sound unmatched by modern receivers.  We enjoy breathing life back into these vintage stereo systems.

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