Gadget FixUp Remote Support

Gadget FixUp provides prompt professional remote support on all computers at affordable pricing.  Schedule a repair today and save $10 on your remote support ticket.  What can one of our technicians repair for you today?

Before our technicians can access your computer you’ll need to download a small file and save it to your desktop.  When your remote session appointment begins, just double-click on the Gadget FixUp support file to begin your session.

Download Remote Support File – Click Here

Our statistics so far

  • 12101 Repaired Desktops
  • 9077 Repaired Laptops
  • 8133 Repaired Phones
  • 3224 Repaired Tablets
  • 288 Repaired Televisions

Need it fast? You’ve got work to do?

Our technicians are top notch.  They can get the job done
Fast and Efficiently.